Wednesday, October 31, 2012

24/25 Weeks

Life is good!! My little girl can now probably survive ICU if she were to be born! It feels amazing! My belly is getting big, and I am loving feeling her move all the time. She still has quiet days and times, but I pretty consistantly feel her move. I can only on accident sometimes get a feel for her on the outside of my belly. She is apparently sitting spine to spine with me and I am working on Yoga to get that little girl to move forward and in birthing posisiton! I have some time I know, but per my midwives advise I am starting now being she favors it soo much back there. I do have a bit of sciatic pain from it, but its kind of fun because it keeps aware of which side she is on today! Here are some family Pics we had taken this past weekend.

4th generation of girls coming soon!

me and my pregnant sister, and my little brother with his girl. I was 22 weeks in this picture. South Dakota baby shower we attended for my little bro.

Mom and her pregnant girls


The family

The family Plus Grandma!

Thanks TGBPHOTOGRAPHY.COM for the pictures! 

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