Wednesday, July 25, 2012

11 weeks

I heard the heartbeat with my sisters dopler! Very hard to find and keep on the doppler, but it was there and we found it twice! whoo hooo. I can't describe the joy of that feeling! the relief it brings. The peace to my heart. I think I could just listen to the ebb and flow for hours in happiness.

For some reason I have had return of the nausea and I threw up for the 1st time!! It was HORRIBLE, and it was in public at my girlfriends bachelorette dinner party! OYE VEY! But my energy is so much better and over all I feel GREAT!

It was fun to see people this past weekend I haven't seen since I found out I was pregnant and they noticed my belly whoo hoo!!

My shirt isnt very tight so its not super noticable, but if you notice from last week its a lot less bloating (higher belly) and more lower belly poking out. fun change! Before I was sooo bloated higher up it was rock hard! It looked like I was carrying super high!

Friday, July 20, 2012

A little paranoid

So all my symptoms have pretty much gone away. I do not have nausea anymore. My boobs don't hurt as much at all. I am starting to get my energy back. I still have my little pudgey and I still have to get up once a night to pee. Very unlike my old self. I sleep like a rock!

All of a sudden out of no where I am scared as hell my little lovey died. I saw the heart beat at 6 weeks and I had so many symptoms I didnt think much of it. When my symptoms started to disapate my belly grew and I gained 2 lbs in a week and I outgrew my pants. Now the paranoia snuck in.

2 days shy of 2 weeks and I have my 12 weeks appointment to hear the heart beat. Please please please!

Enevitably me being paranoid, stressing, crying, worrying won't make 1 second of difference. the outcome will be the same either way. So I might as well enjoy the stage I am at. Shout it from the roof tops and enjoy! But that sneaky evil son of bitch Worry sneaks up on me!

But today I am going to kick worry in the ass and enjoy and sneak secret rubs and baby whispers whenever I can.

Worry is a misuse of imagination.  ~Dan Zadra

If I had my life to live over, I would perhaps have more actual troubles but I'd have fewer imaginary ones.  ~Don Herold

Drag your thoughts away from your troubles... by the ears, by the heels, or any other way you can manage it.  ~Mark Twain

Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday.  ~Author Unknown

Let us be of good cheer, remembering that the misfortunes hardest to bear are those which will never happen.  ~James Russel Lowell

If things go wrong, don't go with them.  ~Roger Babson

Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.  ~Leo Buscaglia

Do not anticipate trouble or worry about what may never happen.  Keep in the sunlight.  ~Benjamin Franklin

A hundredload of worry will not pay an ounce of debt.  ~George Herbert

As a cure for worrying, work is better than whiskey.  ~Thomas A. Edison

Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow.  ~Swedish Proverb

Fear can keep us up all night long, but faith makes one fine pillow.  ~Philip Gulley

Don't fight with the pillow, but lay down your head
And kick every worriment out of the bed.
~Edmund Vance Cooke

Every evening I turn my worries over to God.  He's going to be up all night anyway.  ~Mary C. Crowley

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

10 weeks!

I am excited to announce I outgrew my pants!! whoo hoo!

I actually have some sores on my belly from the pressure. its seems ok standing but hard to sit even with pants un zipped. But I still love it! I think I might start just wearing stretch pant leggings every single day! and buy some more summer dresses. I really dont like haveing the uncomfortableness of pants.

I pretty much look like I need to lay off the doughnuts. But I know how much I grew underneath my chub!

I think its hard when you start with a chubby belly. Because in 1 way I look bigger than I am, and in another way (sitting down) its not round at all anymore I just look extra chubby!

I think I am not going to care what anyone else says and just start rockin the prego belly. and if they make fun of me behind my back for my extra chub or the fact that it loses the round shape when I sit. They are a sad individual. I know and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it and that is all that matters. Only my mother has noticed I am bigger. And thats ok too! I know!

so here it is folks my belly

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

8 weeks pregnant!

Well I have been holding off for a little while sorting out all my emotions! But its true I am 8 weeks pregnant today!!

I am so beyond happy I can't explain it. I can't stop thanking God every day. I am scared. I am scared it will go away! We already got a heart beat! and everything seems great! but its still scary non the less. I don't want this to go away. I have been battling sick and lazy. Like cannot get off the couch. But I am sooooo happy happy happy happy. I wouldn't trade the sick for the world! I am just so grateful. I am feeling sooo overwhelmed with future decisions and planning. Mostly about work and daycare. Money is a big stress. But I don't care. I am just so grateful.
Thank you God! THANK YOU!!

Dearest Baby,

I talk to you everyday growing healhty and strong. I keep you as a strong subject of prayer and hopefully you can feel my love and Gods love wrapping you tight and keeping you safe. My Dearest Baby we didn't have to wait any longer! Its here and you are growing! Sometimes it make me so happy it doesn't seem real. I cry some times holding my belly where grow. I cry in prayer thanking God.

I will be meeting you in a few days over 7 months. I can't wait my lovey!! Until then stay put, stay strong, stay healthy, and grow like crazy!

With tons of love,
Your Dearest Mommy.