Sunday, January 22, 2012


This weekend I spent just me and my parents dogs. House sitting. I thought I was going to fix all the issues with their new naughty puppy, and I was going to implement some good training techniques. Well to my shock and surprise that naughty puppy wore me ragged. I had a break down on Friday. Then when all things calmed down and me and the dogs were snuggling on the chair, and I started reading my book... my sister walked in unannounced and uninvited and it all started again. I was then rude to my sister and brought this up 3 times over the next 2 days.

I learned 2 things from this.

#1 I judged my parents ability and skill with taking on a new puppy.

#2 I always make a point of spilling my negative feelings toward people. I can't keep it in.

Why do I judge people? Why do I think I know what is right what is wrong? How people are. What they do. It is silly, and I make excuses for why I do it. I tell my self I am helping them. I am helping them be a better person by telling them what they really should do.

Well I learned everything I said to my mom about Teddy and tips and tricks and blah blah. Well she is doing it and she does it better than me. I was wrong. I judged wrong.

I have a bad habit of trying to fix every one's problems. I judge the situation and then tell them what to do to fix it... and I am probably wrong most of the time. If people want advise they will ask, and when I give my opinion I will do it nicely.

And #2 to Tara.... I am just sorry that I was rude.... another thing I need to learn to keep my mouth shut when I am annoyed... It did no good to tell you that I was annoyed... I cant even think of what you did wrong. I was just crabby... and I wanted you to be sorry for it! Ugh... I hate being so imperfect....

on a lighter note this picture makes me really happy.

Dearest baby,
I am going to try to accept you just the way you are. I will try to show you what I know so you can be the best you, you can be. I know you will make mistakes and "annoy" me. But I will love you anyways. I will try to save my advise for when you are seeking. All these little lessons I learn they are for you too!

Your Dearest Mommy

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  1. that picture of your kitty makes me happy too! And I definitely am working on not juding others and letthing them be who they are!