Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Now that it is a new year 2011 is such a blur, and I am confused on what I really feel about 2011.

I love this year for my spiritual growth. I grew so much closer to God. It is truly beautiful. I love church, and I love everything I have learned, and I have so much more to grow and to learn and to change. And for this I love 2011.

I did not take any pictures from Jan1st 2011 - Dec 25th 2011 I think this is because my year was pretty uneventful. I took boring Cell phone pics and that is it. This is something I would like to change for 2012. Document my life with pictures!

We saved lots of money! I got a new position at work and a raise! For this I am grateful!

We decided to buy a house!

We found a house !

We were very unsuccessful trying to conceive. Then in September I was put on Femara on top of the Metformin and the supplements. I ovulated and got a period in November and December!!

I am soooo excited to say I have ovulated 2 times in a row, and I have not had to have my cycle induced since the end of September beginning of October. For this I am grateful!!

We ended the year in major stress with the buying of the house and the short sale, and the condo being sold out from under us. Though we have now figured this out. Unfortunately I have let that burned in my brain and I forget the wonderful things that happened.

So I am very excited for what 2012 has to throw my way.

Dearest Baby,
       I thought 2011 I would make you  and you would be growing. I was sadly wrong, but I think we have made some progress and that is what counts. My relationship with God is better and that is most important thing. Especially it is through God that I will be blessed with the miracle of one day meeting  you! Well Baby cheers to 2012 and hopefully this will be the year!

Love your Dearest Mommy!

A peaceful picture of my fishing sight last summer. A simple reminder for me to keep my peace through the present Chaos!

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  1. I can't wait to see what 2012 brings for us either!