Tuesday, September 11, 2012

15-17 weeks

15-17 weeks of pregnancy really showed a few sides. Some amazing things happened, and some not so amazing things. It is definitely a time I will never forget and always Cherish!

I really started showing during this time. That was amazing. I have felt the baby move a handful of times!!!! That was beyond amazing!! My love for this baby went 10 fold, and I didn't think that was possible!

15 weeks I felt the baby move 2 times!! weird as that is!! soo early! And I went to our best friends wedding, and wore a super cute dress that accentuated my bump!

16 weeks insecurities reared its ugly head! I dressed like a slob, and felt fat fat fat! my non round belly bump had me in quite the slump! and a few jerks even mentioned it! I think I felt a few flutters this week, but oddly enough not as strong as the 2 I felt in week 15. However at my doc appointment my midwife told me how incredible I was doing! I also found out I had 6 new cavities..... yuck!!!

17 weeks I put on 5 lbs that week and my belly kind of popped. still not round... though I don't think I will ever have a round belly. I will be an oval belly girl. Which I am tying to go with. I got sick of being a slob, and I went maternity clothes shopping!! Love it!! I feel soooo much better!!! I am workin it! did up my nails, and got cute clothes, and showing off this bump of mine!!

17 weeks also had its trials... ROUND LIGAMENT PAIN AND INJURY!!!!!

OWE OWE OWE... I officially have to get up from a sitting position like a grandma, and be ohhh sooo careful. Most painful!!! But my body can go through lots of pain, as long as that baby continues to grow oh soo strong!

I am starting to tackle my most embarrassing pregnancy symptom... this might be TMI, but I struggle with extreme excess watery discharge!! EEEEWWWWWW I know! But I am getting the hang of managing this disgusting problem! and hey that makes me feel better, and after reading many blogs and forums...I am soo not alone in this issue! Thank God! I felt like a disgusting freak of nature! Now I just need to work on being more sexy for my honey. My self esteem really took a hit, and I don't even feel remotely sexy... But I think I have a plan to conquer.... its called a lingerie! to hide my insecurities a bit! and feel more sexy. I am sure the man will appreciate!
I will let ya'all  know how it goes!

Cheers to 18 weeks!! 

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  1. Feeling the baby move is the most amazing thing! I started feeling the flutters just a day short of week 14, I was having an u/s and was like hey I can feel that. So amazing! You look gorgeous and glowing.