Monday, November 28, 2011

Internet Inspiration

This is a new thing for me. I find my daily life has a little kick in its step and lots of new and exciting ideas are flowing. Its like last year when I learned to crochet and sew. I found a piece of my heart that I didnt know existed! I am finding the same thing with internet inspiration. Pinterest is a HUGE contributer!! and now all these blogs! How did I live before!! =) I am starting to get pathetically organized and I have Major Ideas for when we move!!

Dearest Baby,
   You are in for it!! In a good way I hope =) I have so much inspiration and Ideas! Now lets see what I can make come to to life! I have a secret confession... I have bought you a few things.... just as motivation! and I am going to be making burp rags. I couldn't resist it was 1.50 for the entire yard of fabric. Your MiMi also bought you something... if you are a girl... but more or less that will be used for my sewing design! It will be cute baby shower gifts if I choose not to keep them... but I think I will be putting this in your hope chest =)

Your Dearest Mommy

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