Thursday, December 1, 2011

Food Celebrations

One struggle I have is when people want to celebrate with food. I love it, but so HATE it.
For instance today at work we had inventory. Its dreaded so to make it all better we get donuts in the morning and when we are all done we celebrate with a pizza party. Well because of this I consumed 1300 calories by 1pm. OUCH! The sad part is that was me cutting back!! I only had 1 donut and a couple pieces of pizza. I could so have had 2 donuts and like 6 pizza squares! now that would have been OVER 2000 calories!! OUCH! So I decided I will be starving myself for the rest of the day. I will have a 400 cal dinner, and that is it! I have to succeed. It has been way to long failure. Not to mention my girlfriend is taking me out for Vietnamese tomorrow. I can NOT fail 2 days in a row! So I will starve myself all day tomorrow to look forward to Vietnamese.
I am not sure if this is the right thing to do, but when I do not want to miss out on the food celebration what other choices do I have?
If it was a normal restaurant I could look it up and order low calorie. But it is not always an option. This was I can atleast partake. Right?? hmmmm....
It comes down to science... I can eat the snickers, but I will be starving for it later. No matter what I eat if I stay under my calories I will lose weight...
See why I hate celebrating with food! it makes it oh soo much more difficult! we should celbrate getting together with a nice walk! LOL.. yeah right!

But its all ok and it is all worth it! Especially if this DEAREST MOMMY GETS TO MAKE A HEALTHY DEAREST BABY!!!

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