Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I am sick of waiting! I am sick of waiting to hear about our house. I am sick of waiting to hear if we are homeless or not. I am sick of waiting to see if I ovulated. I am sick of waiting to take my first maybe prego test. I am sick of waiting.

Lord please bless me with patience and please bless me RIGHT NOW!

So on the good news note! I am super duper happy to announce that I got my period folks! Whoo HOO! and yes I am celebrating, because this is month 2 I ovulated and got a period. I am thinking my dearest baby will be growing soon :) I hope I hope! Please Please Please!

Now I just have to WAIT to see if I can ovulate for month 3 and hopefully make us a baby!

I can't say it is ideal timing, but I don't care. And I don't care 1 little bit. I am sicking of WAITING for the right timing. I am sick WAITING for my baby. I am sick of WAITING for my doctors OK. I am sick of WAITING for the right meds. I am sick of WAITING until I lose more weight.

I just have to wait for God's perfect timing, and I dont know when that is exactly so I will accept it whenever that is. and if I have to continue to WAIT I suppose I will just have to suck it up and trust in Gods will. I will do what I can with the doctors help and health and meds and so forth. and leave the miracle to him!

Now this attitude is so much easier said than done. but if I do the right thing my emotions will follow. and I do believe this.

I have had a bit of a bad attitude lately. I would really like to fix this...

Dearest Baby,

I have a swelling in my heart that says I will meet you one day soon. Every minute of waiting will be worth that day.

Your Dearest Mommy

This picture was taken by TGB Photography. It was on my wedding day. It captures this beautiful inner peace that led me in the right direction through all the chaos of my mind.
Sometimes a girls mind is her biggest battle. Follow the peace, the small whisper. The light with in. If you stop and pray and find that peace the lord will show you the way. This picture shows me that. I forget most of the time, and get swept away in the chaos, but stop pray slow down and listen to God.

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  1. that last paragraph is so important to remember.