Thursday, March 1, 2012


So I have had a crappy attitude lately. I've been a real B*tch. To everyone. I just figured out my problem. From reading a DIY blog post (of all things)

I am stuck. I am down right stuck in all things.

Infertility - STUCK going nowhere fast

My home - STUCK can't move can't improve can't dream. I am STUCK

FAT ASSness - STUCK still fat...

Time managment and laziness - STUCK... I SUCK!

Wifely - getting better....

So I am going to be a positive loving child of God, and focus on where I can move. That is by being a good wife. I can do that! I can be wifely! that doesnt take counting calories or moving and being creative or popping out kids. I just have do wifely stuff. That makes me happy! I have been actually doing some wonderful wifely things lately. I will focus on that!

I am STUCK in a piss poor mood lately, and all I ever seem to do is notice how I FAIL at everything. I do NOT fail as a wife... I will grow that some more. Until I move into my home, and then I can dream away and have projects and goals and things to do. So while I am stuck in 710 sq ft condo with clutter and boxes surrounding me for the 5th month in a row I will focus on how I am a kick ass wife, and make sure to be better at it everyday!!

I feel like this....

I am gonna do this...

(that is getting up from being stuck in the mudd FYI)

hee hee



  1. Hi Randi, I'm so sorry you're having a tough time lately. It is so difficult to stay positive and happy because you are STUCK when dealing with IF. Thank you for visiting my blog and I wish you all the best!

  2. Have you heard of or thought about a gratitude journal? It's amazing how much it can change your mood and outlook on your days. Just write down 1 or more things that you are thankful for that happened that day. Having a bad day? Just go back and read previous days :) There's a lot to be thankful for!

    1. That is a really good Idea! I really should. With all the issues of the infertility for the past 5 years, and over a year with this doctor... and now the short sale falling through, and living in a place that is making me miserable... I think it is what I need to do. Really seriously focus on what I am gratful for.

    2. Here are a couple links that I recommend, one is a quote that when I'm having a bad day I read and it really makes me take a step back and say "WOW! I really do have a lot to be thankful for" and the other is a link to a DIY gratitude notebook/journal that you can print out.

      Hope you are able to find inspiration :)

  3. I like the idea that Tara suggested I think I'm going to have to think about keeping one as well.