Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Aminals/furries/lovey muffins

You can already guess where this is going... I am obsessed with the furry things in life! They bring me pure joy! So this will be about them! I know I have already done a post on my cats, but here is more, because I can't stop sharing my love for them!

This is Sweetie she was my 1st pet I came home with her at 18. My mom wouldn't let her leave when I moved out. But I love her forever and always visit! But my mom needed her. Empty nest syndrome is no joke.

I got some Chinchillas during apartment life. They were EXPENSIVE. Holy vet visits batman!!!!! I ended up having chins for 1 year. I went through 3!!! and when it was over I still owed 1200 bucks to my visa. Won't go that route again. I went through easily another grand on house decorations and a giant habitat bigger than me!! (which is what killed my baby chin! found him hanging in there caught on the 5th story ladder by his foot) ugh! I don't have any pics as that was during the time that my camera and laptop were stolen when my apartment was robbed. Lost about 3 years worth of pics...if only I had printed :(

Then came the cats!
first came Daisy

The pic of me in the jacket was the first moment I saw her. My heart was hers. I adopted her from some rescue. They were at petsmart when I picked her up. She was so upset being at petsmart. When she met me she clung on, and didn't want to let go. It was like she knew she was going to have a better life with me. She was my BABY!!
This is her today in her hammock!
Then came Potsie. Gabe picked him out from a shelter that was flooding out in Austin MN. Gabe kept his happy days name.

Potsie was Gabes boy from the beginning. He stayed in our guest bedroom for 2 weeks until he was fully introduced to my Daisy. Gabe slept in the guest room with him. They are attached at the hip to this day!
Her he is today!

Then came Jabbles. He was an oops. We meant to find him a better home I got him from a bad situation. By midnight we knew he was staying.... hee hee

Here is the little fatty today!

Ok I will stop with the furry pics. But I just had to do it again! I am in love !

And you better believe I will be a foster when I get a house! I hope I can one day introduce a dog to the family, but we will see how that goes. I worry about my cats becoming unhappy with them being the gems of our eyes these days.

I have to admit in moments when I succumb to infertility I swear I will become an animal hoarder. I bring myself back to reality and say I will just devote myself to animal rescue, and the caring and giving to animals.

I have this deep desire to nurture and to love and look after. My furries help me through my lows of infertility. My husband and my cats thats all I can ever ask for!

From the bottom of my heart thank you for being part of my life. I couldn't do this with out you. 

Dearest Baby,

I hope to one day share the love of animals with you! I hope that we can volunteer together, and I hope taking care of them will teach you responsibility and unselfish giving.
No one should grow up with out the love and companionship of a furry.

Your Dearest Mommy


  1. Ohh I love all these pictures! It makes me want you to get another kitty!! :) BUT DONT! LOL

    1. LOL! I know... but wouldnt it be fun....

      I could so be a cat hoarder! One cat just leads to another, and another, and another, and another....