Friday, May 18, 2012


Okay trying so hard to crawl my way back to ME! Sick of being depressed and depressing! Getting packed and ready to move in 1 week! Me being stuck NO LONGER baby! oh and I lost 6 lbs! hee hee! so exciting. and Did I mention I got my period a few weeks ago! I never even celebrated. That was without meds! Go me! Ok and I can officially be excited for my sister. I think it stopped hurting. I feel guilty for my feelings, but I can't dwell on them. That only makes it worse. And a person can't help their feelings. its all about the reactions. I think I am going to do Joyce Meyers Mind control devotional on you version, and maybe even buy the book. I know I am fragile, but I am sick of being sick. Its time to move and be better! I also made a decision that I am not going to go back to the doctor until fall. I am going to give baby making the summer off. I of course will still be trying with supplements and health and controlling my insulin, but as far as meds. I will give it a break! unless I keep getting my period I will keep refilling my femara! But if not well thats ok. I will wait until fall to go back to the doctors. I need a stress break. This summer is all about me!
These are the listing pics of the house! Once I move I will update more!

Dearest Baby,
Hang in there! Your mommy will be better soon! And then it will be a perfect time to come to this world! God just has to teach me a few more lessons before I am ready to be your mommy!
With all my love,
Your Dearest Mommy!


  1. The house looks beautiful. Good luck with your move!!

    1. Oh and I can no longer read your blog. It says I am not invited to read your blog. it shows up in my google reader, and I can read some, but it I click to actually go to your blog it won't let me.

  2. This was the weekend we made our baby! looking back we coceived a few days later! :)