Thursday, May 24, 2012


Tommorow (singing) Tomorrow is only a day aaaaawwwaaaaaayyyyyy (singing) I am truly having a hard time containing my excitment. I am pretty much worthless at work. I am already caught up... who wants to go above and beyond on a day like today!! To top things off on this excitement scale. I think I ovulated!!!!! I don't know for sure as I wasn't temping or using the sticks. But according to my sore breasts and zits I ovulated sometime between Thursday and Sunday!!!!!! This makes me happy. Even if it doesnt end up in pregnancy the first step in my journey is to have a successful ovulation. This would be my 5th cylce and my 4 th ovulation!! whoo hooo!! all in the last 8 months or so! But right now I can hardly work because my mind is on getting off work to get ready for the big day TOMORROW!!! I need paint and my cashiers check, and the truck, and dinner! and then pack every single morsel left over after packing 95% of the house already. I really can't wait. I am sure I will be up until the butt crack of dawn in antipation, and of course we have to be up quite early to get a head start moving before we close... eeekkksss!!! so excited! 


  1. i can hardly contain my excitement!!! it is going to be so hard working tomorrow!!!!! well and today... :) But mainly tomorrow!

  2. Good luck with your move oh and congrats on ovulating!