Tuesday, July 3, 2012

8 weeks pregnant!

Well I have been holding off for a little while sorting out all my emotions! But its true I am 8 weeks pregnant today!!

I am so beyond happy I can't explain it. I can't stop thanking God every day. I am scared. I am scared it will go away! We already got a heart beat! and everything seems great! but its still scary non the less. I don't want this to go away. I have been battling sick and lazy. Like cannot get off the couch. But I am sooooo happy happy happy happy. I wouldn't trade the sick for the world! I am just so grateful. I am feeling sooo overwhelmed with future decisions and planning. Mostly about work and daycare. Money is a big stress. But I don't care. I am just so grateful.
Thank you God! THANK YOU!!

Dearest Baby,

I talk to you everyday growing healhty and strong. I keep you as a strong subject of prayer and hopefully you can feel my love and Gods love wrapping you tight and keeping you safe. My Dearest Baby we didn't have to wait any longer! Its here and you are growing! Sometimes it make me so happy it doesn't seem real. I cry some times holding my belly where grow. I cry in prayer thanking God.

I will be meeting you in a few days over 7 months. I can't wait my lovey!! Until then stay put, stay strong, stay healthy, and grow like crazy!

With tons of love,
Your Dearest Mommy.