Wednesday, July 25, 2012

11 weeks

I heard the heartbeat with my sisters dopler! Very hard to find and keep on the doppler, but it was there and we found it twice! whoo hooo. I can't describe the joy of that feeling! the relief it brings. The peace to my heart. I think I could just listen to the ebb and flow for hours in happiness.

For some reason I have had return of the nausea and I threw up for the 1st time!! It was HORRIBLE, and it was in public at my girlfriends bachelorette dinner party! OYE VEY! But my energy is so much better and over all I feel GREAT!

It was fun to see people this past weekend I haven't seen since I found out I was pregnant and they noticed my belly whoo hoo!!

My shirt isnt very tight so its not super noticable, but if you notice from last week its a lot less bloating (higher belly) and more lower belly poking out. fun change! Before I was sooo bloated higher up it was rock hard! It looked like I was carrying super high!

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  1. Isn't the heartbeat just fab. I just shared a snippet of nuggets heartbeat in my post yesterday. I could listen to it for hours. Glad to hear you're getting out and having fun, but boo for the nausea. Hope it goes away soon.