Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dearest Baby

Dearest Baby,
It has been 14 weeks since you were made :) its funny I wrote your auntie Tara an email on that Monday. I told her I had ovulated on Sunday, and that I was pregnant and you were going to be born on Valentines day. Less than 4 weeks later I took a pregnancy test,1 week after we moved into our 1st house, and it was positive!!!! I went through shear joy. I would dance in my head and praise God. I went through scared times, that you would not stay with me. I went through 3 weeks of feeling like crap and having serious issues with food. The day you were measured you were small, and changed my due date later to VALENTINES DAY! LOL!!! I just knew it! :) Everysingle night I praise God. I cry in pure joy. I talk to you. I tell you to feel the warmth and love you are wrapped in. Its God's love and my love. If you can remember being wrapped in this love, it will guide you through life. I am putting together all my plans and ideas. I feel so completely blessed. I love you already. I almost know you already. I wonder what you will be like. But the love that is developing feels so familiar as if it is the love I have been waiting for my entire life. What I was made for. Gods intention all along. I can't wait to meet you. I don't mind being pregnant, but I wouldn't mind skipping the whole thing, and meeting you! I will try to be more patient for you!

your dearest Mommy

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