Friday, August 10, 2012

13 weeks

In my mind I am really showing! I know I know I still look like I need to lay off the doughnuts, but to me its just so dramatic. This was taken the other night after work. I couldn't stop staring at myself! Still feeling great, and I am doing good with the weight gain. I hope I can keep it up. I notice my appetite is picking up... and I want to snack on junk like all the time... which is nooo good.. So I am a bit worried. I also notice that my stomach is ITCHING like crazy! I hope that means I will be rounding out soon! I want to be noticeably pregnant by my girlfriends wedding on the 25th of August. I will be 15 1/2 weeks!

my chubby middle section I think confuses my tiny bump. Sometimes making it appear larger than it is, and sometimes makes a round belly more difficult to see...

but I am just trying not to dwell on that. I am just trying to be happy with the baby bump, and show it off as much as possible.

My work is being HORRIBLE about my pregnancy I have officially made a vow not to talk about it to them anymore at all. I almost feel harassed. The worst part is they are my superiors....

Such is life as a mother in the professional world. Next time I will play my cards differently when it comes to the work place!


  1. i definitely notice that baby bump! :) Everyone will for sure be able to tell in 2.5 weeks!

  2. except your work people, but you keep on being a cute pregnant lady, and they will just be jealous! :)

  3. So sorry to hear that you're having issues at work. If you need to, make sure to get your HR involved. I hope they change their crabby pants soon and enjoy it for you!