Sunday, December 4, 2011


Sunday ... home sick... Dreaming

Dearest Baby,
     Today I am dreaming of you. I am dreaming of your room. I am dreaming up what you will look like. I am dreaming of bassinets, of color palettes boy vs girl. I am dreaming of names. I am dreaming of loving you, holding you, singing to you, and praising God for you. I am dreaming of a million DIY baby crafts. I am dreaming of how I am going to decorate your nursery and main story baby stations. I already having sewing projects for you. I already have some things for you. I am going to keep dreaming of you baby! It is all giving me inspiration everyday to keep going and keep truckin, and keepin on keepin on.

Your Dearest Mommy

Sometimes I am not so sure this is healthy. To have it all in my head this way. What if it never comes to be? What if I am just getting my hopes so high. Can I handle the let down? Inevitably I come to the same determination every time.... no matter what I have faith in God Good Will. I also believe somewhere deep in my heart it will happen. I will meet my dearest baby! It will happen, and if not I know God's Will is perfect, and for now this is the motivation and inspiration I need....

May God Bless it! <3

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