Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Favorite Pic of the day

So as I sit here at work watching my screen saver listening to a podcast (on my lunch). I decided this is my favorite picture of the day.

The best part is my sister took it. This was the beginning of her "I think I want to be a photographer" days. This is amazing, and she has come so far.

The love in my hubs eye... you can see it. I can usually feel it but not see it. But he is such a little S**T that this picture makes me giggle. Doesnt it look so romantic and loving! as if we are that way all the time.... YEAH RIGHT!! LOL. His idea of showing me he loves me is a big fart and the fan blows it in my face. or asking for a **** job. HA!! My idea of romance is a costco trip :) Hence the reason I love this picture! Captures the true feelings of our heart! After 5 years together I can still say we are still obsessed with eachother. I swear I really do actually love him more. We are WAYYY less romantic, but I love him more.

Thank you TGB photography for this picture.

Dearest Baby,
I can't wait for Auntie to take pics of you growing. In my belly and as a baby. I am sure she will capture priceless photos, and our home will become a TGB photography museum! LOL.

Your Dearest Mommy

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