Monday, February 27, 2012

I think I screwed up...

Sooo I am on cycle day 27 today, and I still have not ovulated... I think I screwed up. I have ovulated 3 months in a row... for the first time EVER.

This is all due to my new meds (that I DID NOT think would work)

This month I forgot 2 days in a row of my meds. then took the remaining. Issue - I only take them cycle day 3-7.... so I took them cycle days 3,4,6,9

I think I screwed it up.... DAMNIT!

and last month I had no chance of pregnancy either because I ovulated when I was out of town with out my husband for 5 days.

SERIOUSLY... this is crazy I want a baby more than anything, and I keep failing!

totally frustrated....

But on the bright side. I still ovulated 3 months!!! My life has been CRAZY the last couple of months.. I think its ok Jan and Feb I screwed up... at least I ovulated right?? That is the first step! figuring out my patterns and timing sex is next!

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  1. God will give you the baby at His perfect timing! And we can only thank Him for the meds to work and to start the process of ovulating and getting rid of the old lining!