Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fighting Myself

After bible study today I came home and the first thing I went for is food. I have a bad bad bad habit of eating dinner at 530-6 then around 9pm I eat again. Not necessarily another dinner, but a large amount of junk food. lots of chips and salsa or a bowl of cereal or a quesadilla..blah blah..

Well my fat ass did it!! I made some tea and caught up on my blogs for the day! whoo hooo!

Problem... I still want to eat again.

So I am making a plan to kick this habit in the ass.

#1 Hunger is not an emergency!

#2 5 baby pickles

#3 another cup of decaf tea

#4 in moment of break down. 1/4 cup of cottage cheese.

I can do this!! I hate being fat and having food on my mind all the time. Food is a nasty drug....

Dearest Baby,

I hope you never have these struggles! I hope I can teach you the right way to eat!

Your Dearest Mommy

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