Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tea Time

I was inspired by a post from PCOS Diva. It was about her Tea time. SO I decided I will make my own post about my tea time. I was so excited to read the benefits of tea on her blog, and this isn't such a bad habit after all. I have always loved tea. Mostly iced tea and an occasional cup of hot tea. Well when I quit smoking I started eating instead. I gained 10 lbs, and freaked out so I still walk in the kitchen when I might normally have went to smoke. Now I go and make some tea. I started out having about 3 cups a night. Now I have about 1 cup a night. There is something truly therapeutic about night time tea. Its a time I exhale, and dream on pinterest, veg out watching TV, reflect on how in love I am with my husband and my cats, and my life. Sometimes its so easy to get wrapped up in what I want and what I am not getting. How stressful life is, and how much my husband pisses me off. When you stop exhale and sip slowly on nice hot tea your thoughts turn positive and you remember how much God has truly blessed you. I also remember Gabe once said to me in the midst of an emotional melt down of tears and gasps and woe is me I WANT A BABY. He said " why cant you just be happy with me and the cats...I am..." This melted my heart and my tears stopped. I remember how I used to float around in pure gratitude that I had the love of my life, cats, an apartment, a job, great family, and lots of fun. Now it feel like I always want more. I want a house. I want to make more money. I want to have a family of my own. I forget to be IN LOVE WITH MY LIFE. I forget to fall on my knees in gratitude to God for his grace and mercy, and thank him for my husband and my family and my cats and my life. Because its great. It is truly great. Just as it is. being broke. not owning a home. no kids. Just me, my husband, my family, and my cats. Tea reminds me of this. To stop and be thankful for life. So here are some pictures of my night time ritual.

Dearest Baby,
I will be thankful for you 100% of the time. This I promise. I wont need night time tea to remind me. But maybe I better stick to my night time tea just so I remember to be a positive person :)

I hope you will be growing soon my Dearest baby. I already love you.

Love your dearest Mommy

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